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Markwik 21 Thermostatic Pillar Mixer

Markwik 21 Thermostatic Pillar Mixer
Markwik 21 Thermostatic Pillar Mixer

Markwik 21 thermostatic Pillar Basin Mixer

This product is fitted with an Armitage Bioguard outlet which reduces the opportunity for bio film attachment and is lined with anti-microbial copper. Single lever operates on/off and temperature control. Suitable for high and low pressure systems. Access for servicing to simplify auditing and servicing. Unique built-in sterilisation cleansing feature using Sterilisation kit S8239NU bridging hose which is reusable. Horizontal outlet eliminates water retention associated with ‘Swan Neck’ designs. Integral thermostat eliminates stagnant warm water trapped between an inline TMV* and the fittings under used cold feed. *Any existing TMV would need to be removed when replacing with our integral thermostat mixer. Especially suitable for use in conjunction with medium and large basins or sinks with tapholes at 200mm between centres. Purging kit A4556AA after installation allows debris to be flushed without affecting the thermostat and aids system disinfection. Flow rate regulated to maximum of 10 Litres per minute.

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