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Steel Drywall Frame

Steel Drywall Frame
Steel Drywall Frame
Steel Drywall Frame
Steel Drywall Frame
Steel Drywall Frame

The K Series Drywall frames are designed for light to maximum duty applications in both commercial and institutional buildings.

Standard jamb compression anchors and a unique tab/lock corner design for knock-down (KD) assembly assure that the K Series drywall frame installs in minutes on finished drywall construction. They are ideal for light to heavy duty applications in commercial and institutional buildings.

  • Die-mitered corner connections lock together once the frame is installed;
  • tab/lock design: Prevents head from rising Keeps head and jamb members in alignment Keeps miter tight
  • Includes wedge-lock corner clips; screws are included to secure miter
  • Compression anchors for quick installation and tight adjustment in the opening
  • Factory prepared for field-installed silencers
  • K Series: sill attachment is made through the frame face, directly into the wall sill runner; bottom of frame face is supplied with factory countersunk holes for screw attachment

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