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SB453 Surface Bolts

SB453 Surface Bolts
SB453 Surface Bolts
Surface bolts are usually used on a pair of double doors, like a large closet in a commercial building or French doors. These openings may have a lock on the active door, but the flush bolts allows the inactive door to be anchored to the top and bottom. The active door can then latch to the inactive door to remain secure when not in use. The SB453 Surface bolt has a 1-3/16" throw for maximum security, Strong tension springs prevent creep, Ideal for all types of doors, Units packed with standard wood screws and machine screws to meet most field conditions, Units packed with both a universal top strike and mortise bottom strike, Meets ANSI A156.16 and UL listed for 3 hour fire doors, up to 10'0" in height.

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