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112HD Full Mortise Geared Contiuous Hinge

112HD Full Mortise Geared Contiuous Hinge
112HD Full Mortise Geared Contiuous Hinge
Geared continuous hinges are designed to last the life of a building by distributing the weight of a door along the entire length of its frame. The unique design reduces the high amount of stress normally associated at the top of the door and frame on butt hinge applications. Not only does this reduce hinge failure, it also keeps a door in constant alignment, eliminating the chance of door sag. These characteristics make continuous hinges suitable for high-use and high-traffic doors. The geared continuous hinge has no pin. Instead, these hinges utilize a single gear section for the leaf and a separate gear section for the frame side of the door. The two are held in place by a full length cover channel and rotate on a series of bearings. The design of a continuous hinge eliminates the spacing between the hinges, which helps prevents fingers from being pinched, making it a safer device than traditional hinges. These benefits result in higher efficiency and less maintenance, maximizing the value of a door opening investment.

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